life shifts in subtle ways daily, most so minor we can neither see nor feel them.  we age, our bike tires wear thinner and thinner, dust collects on our bedside stack of books.

and then there are larger shifts: we give birth, we change jobs, we move.  we choose a new school, a new career, a new partner, we take up a new sport.

I’ve been through so many shifts and changes in the past 10 years I don’t know that I could ever list them all, but today’s is momentous, so I am sharing it here:  my first book is in print!  (well, it’s not my first book, but it’s the first of my books to be in print.)

released yesterday, Faith Greater Than Pain is available on,, and on

Doc Cleland and I have been working on this project together since june of 2010, and we are thrilled to be where we are, with a real book in hand.  we are in the midst of marketing madness, working on mailing lists and store contacts and bribery lists . . . asking everyone we know to help spread the word, using every tool we have to get the information out.

I, of course, would rather just be writing away on my next project (stay tuned), but for the last chunk of time I’ve been editing, proofing, and formatting, and now I’ve plunked my marketing cap on my head.  writing me is not pleased, but realistic me knows that as gratifying as it is to write, it’s even more gratifying if someone actually reads what you write.

so, if you’re intrigued, here’s a link to doc’s great video that tells you about the book, and if you have a spare moment in your day today, wish me well.  wish me sales and positive reviews, wish me fulfillment and encouragement to keep on with the next project.

because as sure as my tires wear thinner and those wrinkles around my eyes deepen, I dream about spending the rest of my life writing, and–ideally–being read.