david carradine is quoted as saying if you cannot be a poet, be the poem.

ah!  I want to be a poem.

full of grace and rhythm and words, amazing and beautiful and strange and lyrical words.

living a life that says something, makes a statement, causes others to ponder and think and reconsider.

changing metre and form and perhaps even direction, a time or two or, of course, continually.

it may stick at times, or bite.  or swoop with devastating loss and soar with unexplained loft.

lives will be lost and nations will be conquered and good will always prevail over evil, though the highest good may not always be clear to mere mortals.

choices will be made, paths chosen, forks encountered and journeys pondered, yet never regretted, whether taken or not.

in the end wings will fold and existence will settle into dust, and all will be understood by those who take the time to read each word and sit in solitude and let the beauty and grace  seep into their awareness.

I am a poem.