Writing Services

Everyone has a story.  But not everyone is a writer.  If you want your story to be told but don’t possess the time and desire to hone your writing and editing skills, finding someone to write for you is the simplest way to achieve your goal.  “Ghostwriting” is an option if you want your name as author, and “co-writing” is another option if you want to share authorship.

Given a story and/or subject that meshes with my beliefs, interests, and outlook, I offer both services.  With reasonable rates and an efficient nature, I am easy to work with and provide professional, finished manuscripts.

Faith Greater Than Pain is a book I co-wrote with Lynn “Doc” Cleland; clicking on the book cover below will take to you further information.

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Editing Services

Focus and clarity are keys to effective edits.  From website copy, brochures, and press materials to book length fiction and non-fiction projects, there are few written works that won’t benefit from a good editor.  Content, copy, and line editing are important to every written piece.  Efficient and effective, my editing services are reasonably priced and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Contact me by emailing writer (at) susanimhoffbird.com for further information.